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Brown Envelopes [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Sat, 02/08/2020 - 20:01

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Memories from the 1970s.

Quayside Wood Fired Pizza [Flickr]

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On Fridays at the Old Quay, Clonmel.

Early February 2020 Home Screen [Flickr]

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On Bernie's Note 9.

Field Trip to Microsoft Europe

Bernie Goldbach - Fri, 02/07/2020 - 14:24

UPDATED 7 FEBRUARY 2020: This is the first blog post I've made that integrates content from my Github Gists. If I continue this practice, I believe I will be able to reduce the number of dead links on my website. That would be a major win because Github would allow contributors to revise content I've shared publicly. I also discovered that many feed readers don't show the Gist content inside their services. So if I want to pull more people from a feed and onto a website, I could embed some content as Javascript, while pointing out to readers that the rest of the content could be viewed in the browser version of the website.

I ACCOMPANIED 20 game art designers on a field trip to Microsoft-Europe where they heard academic evangelist Stephen Howell explain how cognitive services will provide the next major leap in mixed reality. 

Fifteen years ago, I would have live-blogged this event. Ten years ago, I would have live Tweeted it because all the cool kids tweeted. Five years ago, I started using Instagram stories because our student cohort has migrated there for their primary newsfeeds and that's the primary shared space I used today. I'm also trying to see if some working notes I prepared as a public gist can be embedded into this blog post. If your reader accepts the Github script, you'll see some of the working notes I transcribed during the afternoon session we spent inside One Microsoft Place. If you don't see the "Game Art Design Field Trip" headline below, I recommend you click here to view in your browser.

Before we arrived on the Microsoft campus, I chatted with Liam O'Riordan about the cognification of services he uses on a daily basis. Liam and I used Spreaker Studio to record a conversation on my Note 9 handset in a bus stop along the way to Dublin. The app (iOS and Android) uploads directly to the Emerging Trends podcast and I noticed it appeared on Spotify within 10 minutes of us finishing our conversation.

Listen to "Cognified Lost Souls E36" on Spreaker.

I expect all 20 students to prepare field trip reports on our long day in Dublin. We visited both Microsoft and 3D Camp. I will review the students' reports inside their Class Notebooks (a One Note service using Office 365) and I expect to see a representative cross-section of their reporting will appear on Github accounts before the middle of February 2020.

In the meantime, I am uploading 20 photos from the day into the Clonmel Digital album we have on Flickr.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business on the Clonmel Digital Campus for the Limerick Institute of Technology.]

Bonus Link: Markdown Guide.

Field Trip to MS-Europe [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Fri, 02/07/2020 - 14:22

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Two minutes from the three hours spent with Stephen Howell.

How to keep the house clean with kids

Evin O’Keeffe - Fri, 02/07/2020 - 13:25

It’s all well and good knowing how to clean a mirror, or which products work best for bringing the sparkle back to your chrome sink. However, trying to balance the cleaning that needs doing with everything else life as a...

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At 3D Camp in Dublin [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Fri, 02/07/2020 - 11:08

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6 February in Workday.

Interview with Val Robus

Damien Mulley - Thu, 02/06/2020 - 22:03

I’m not sure how long we know each other online now but it’s been a
good while. How long have you been blogging now and why did you start?

I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I think I got to know you around that time, I also joined Twitter then too. I started blogging because there was a lot going on in my life, my parents being ill etc. I found that when I got the thoughts out into cyberspace my mind quietened a bit.

I suppose it’s different strokes for different folks. I’ve always loved blogging and can’t see me giving it up. Although it has changed a lot over the years, there was no such thing as an influencer back in the day.
I think if people want to blog they should go for it.

As for any tips, I’d say:

  • Be yourself.
  • Don’t expect anything from it. I’ve had a lot of people asking me how much money I’ve made from it which is hilarious.
  • If you are going to post photos try to take decent ones.
  • Don’t use photos that you’ve grabbed from the Internet (unless you’ve asked). It’s probably a good idea to stick to one topic, although I don’t. I just blog about whatever I feel like writing.
  • I liked your post about putting things into boxes, which is a nice
    mindfulness technique.

    Thank you.

    Are there techniques or things you turn to so you can reduce stress
    that you encounter?

    I went through a really bad time with depression, anxiety and panic attacks and strangely enough blogging about that really helped. A lot of my readers felt the same and they were able to offer advice and suggestions.
    I used to go to the opening of an envelope and now I don’t really go to very many places, I found it all quite stressful. If I need to rest I do and I’m certainly a lot kinder to myself. Of course there’s the painting.

    You’ve been doing paintings the past while and they’re lovely, have
    you always had an artistic calling. What does painting mean to you?

    The painting has really been a life saver. I was photographing various art workshops and always amazed at how people of all ages produced great work. I thought I’d like to try it so a couple of years ago I bought some paint brushes and paint and off I went. It’s so therapeutic and is really my form of mindfulness, when I have a paint brush in my hand I’m not thinking of anything else.

    You write about your family and personal life and your fight to get Jono the healthcare he should have gotten years ago. What has been the result of your writing and fighting for this, have other people contacted you to share their stories?

    I don’t tend to write so much about my family these days. With Jono I firmly believe that the blog helped him get the surgery he needed. He still needs treatment and it’s an ongoing battle but not one I tend to write about now. I’m conscious that he’s getting older and if I do write about the family I always check with them first. We have had a lot of people contacting us in a similar situation and it’s heartbreaking knowing that ten years on things haven’t got any better for people.

    You also have covered grief on your site
    https://magnumlady.com/category/grief/ and on Twitter. I’ve seen
    other people interact with you about how they grieve too. Grief is a
    unique thing to every person and probably still a taboo to talk about
    it. Has writing helped you with grief, did you have any supports? has
    feedback from others who read your site helped you too?

    The blog again really helped me deal with grief. In a strange way it helps me get my thoughts together and that’s a form of therapy it itself. The feedback from blog readers and Twitter users really helped, it made me realise that I wasn’t alone. Just to know there were people who cared was a huge help. I remember walking around in a daze after mum died, it was like being in a bubble of grief but there were many people who understood how I felt and that was a huge support. The online community, on the whole, are very supportive.

    What has been the best moment or moments for you in the past few years
    as a result of writing and sharing online?

    There have been many fantastic moments including being invited to Dublin Zoo for breakfast years ago – I loved this experience. I also did a lot of adventures around the North West Wild Atlantic Way which was just epic, I think being 45 as I was at the time and jumping off cliffs into the ocean was just amazing.

    My dream job that I’m in now is also resulted indirectly from the blog. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’ve inspired them and that’s just so special. I’ll always be grateful to the blog for giving me such wonderful opportunities.

    What do you see your life being like in 5 years time? Work, family,
    the world around you.

    That’s a hard one. I’d like to think my family will all be happy and settled. I’d like to see more kindness in the world, it can be a very nasty place at times and this saddens me. As for myself, I hope I’ll stay as happy as I am now and that I’ll still be blogging.