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Updated: 2 hours 21 min ago

Time for Factory Reset

Sat, 03/09/2024 - 07:52

by Bernie Goldbach in Clonmel

MY ANDROID PHONE needs a factory reset. It's more than five years old, has a cracked screen and a worn charging port, and its battery is well-worn.

I watch it go from being fully charged to less than 10 per cent power in three hours. It feels very warm to touch. I think I have rogue app that's causing a problem so I'm looking at either a factory reset followed by restoring the phone's services from its saved settings in the cloud. I wouldn't mind losing all the images and videos stored in the phone's memory.

Any ideas?

In addition to recommending I keep the phone connected to mains power during my reset procedure, Redditers suggest I screencap my essential screens so I know how I had things set up. I have a "Start" folder containing my essentials.

My Start Folder
  • Gmail
  • Chrome
  • Enpass (paid)
  • LinkedIn (paid)
  • Contacts
  • OneDrive (paid)
  • Instagram (time suck)
  • Calendar
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • TippLive (time suck)
  • Feedly (deleting paid)
  • Flickr (paid)
  • Zoho Campaigns (paid)
  • Bluesky (must map a domain there)
  • Threads
My Front Page
  • Theta because I use the Theta V camera in classes
  • Zoho CRM because I want to connect with actions
  • Messenger because I have its notifications turned off
  • Slack because I have its notifications turned off
  • Teams because I have its notifications turned off
  • Messages
  • Readwise for daily reviews
  • Phone because sometimes I can't see incoming calls on screen
  • Camera to review gallery
  • Obsidian because I sync content
  • Amplenote--must curate and remove
  • Airtable (paid)
  • Bing gets better every week
  • WhatsApp because I have its notifications turned off
  • Notion used in some of my teaching
  • Swarm because I want to remain mayor
  • Perplexity better than Google search
  • Microblog (paid)
  • Kindle (paid content)
  • Instapaper (paid)
  • iA Writer (paid)
  • Stoop Inbox (paid)
My Second Page
  • 3C Android Tools Battery Manager (paid)
  • AZ Screen Recorder (paid)
  • Otter (paid)
  • Samsung Health (because  I want the watch0
  • Marco Polo (paid)
  • Spreaker (paid)
  • Spreaker Studio
  • Device Care

[Bernie Goldbach has owned a Note since they stopped catching fire.]