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Time for Factory Reset

Bernie Goldbach - Sat, 03/09/2024 - 07:52

by Bernie Goldbach in Clonmel

MY ANDROID PHONE needs a factory reset. It's more than five years old, has a cracked screen and a worn charging port, and its battery is well-worn.

I watch it go from being fully charged to less than 10 per cent power in three hours. It feels very warm to touch. I think I have rogue app that's causing a problem so I'm looking at either a factory reset followed by restoring the phone's services from its saved settings in the cloud. I wouldn't mind losing all the images and videos stored in the phone's memory.

Any ideas?

In addition to recommending I keep the phone connected to mains power during my reset procedure, Redditers suggest I screencap my essential screens so I know how I had things set up. I have a "Start" folder containing my essentials.

My Start Folder
  • Gmail
  • Chrome
  • Enpass (paid)
  • LinkedIn (paid)
  • Contacts
  • OneDrive (paid)
  • Instagram (time suck)
  • Calendar
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • TippLive (time suck)
  • Feedly (deleting paid)
  • Flickr (paid)
  • Zoho Campaigns (paid)
  • Bluesky (must map a domain there)
  • Threads
My Front Page
  • Theta because I use the Theta V camera in classes
  • Zoho CRM because I want to connect with actions
  • Messenger because I have its notifications turned off
  • Slack because I have its notifications turned off
  • Teams because I have its notifications turned off
  • Messages
  • Readwise for daily reviews
  • Phone because sometimes I can't see incoming calls on screen
  • Camera to review gallery
  • Obsidian because I sync content
  • Amplenote--must curate and remove
  • Airtable (paid)
  • Bing gets better every week
  • WhatsApp because I have its notifications turned off
  • Notion used in some of my teaching
  • Swarm because I want to remain mayor
  • Perplexity better than Google search
  • Microblog (paid)
  • Kindle (paid content)
  • Instapaper (paid)
  • iA Writer (paid)
  • Stoop Inbox (paid)
My Second Page
  • 3C Android Tools Battery Manager (paid)
  • AZ Screen Recorder (paid)
  • Otter (paid)
  • Samsung Health (because  I want the watch0
  • Marco Polo (paid)
  • Spreaker (paid)
  • Spreaker Studio
  • Device Care

[Bernie Goldbach has owned a Note since they stopped catching fire.]


Positive Mindset & Reframing Tips

Evin O’Keeffe - Tue, 01/30/2024 - 17:42

I’ve gone through a bit of loss and grief the last few years, as have many of us, and it has given me a lot of opportunity for personal growth and reflection. It has also taught me how fortunate I...

The post Positive Mindset & Reframing Tips first appeared on EvinOK.

The post Positive Mindset & Reframing Tips appeared first on EvinOK.

Compiling a Rube Goldberg Kit

Evin O’Keeffe - Tue, 01/23/2024 - 15:48

My sons love building things. Given their love of building, I thought why not make a kit to make things. And since I have seen them build systems reminiscent of Rube Goldberg devices, I thought a Rube Goldberg kit would...

The post Compiling a Rube Goldberg Kit first appeared on EvinOK.

The post Compiling a Rube Goldberg Kit appeared first on EvinOK.

How to Make Kale Chips in an Air Fryer

Evin O’Keeffe - Tue, 01/16/2024 - 15:16

Kale chips are a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional potato chips. My cousin Katie makes THE BEST ones and I could eat a whole head of kale prepared in this way. Ok, two heads. Surprisingly, they’re easy to make...

The post How to Make Kale Chips in an Air Fryer first appeared on EvinOK.

The post How to Make Kale Chips in an Air Fryer appeared first on EvinOK.

My AI Says My Workflow Starts with My Notes

Bernie Goldbach - Thu, 01/11/2024 - 11:58

by Bernie Goldbach in Clonmel

I'VE STARTED MOST MORNINGS with prompts to my favourite AI. Today I asked Mem.ai to guide me in a process that ensured the results of my questions would include trustworthy evidence from high quality sources. Its first set of answers drilled down into my personal knowledge management (PKM) system.

Because I had included ideas about workflows that incorporate note-taking techniques, Mem shared some observations worth considering.

I teach students that they need to incorporate note-taking techniques into their interactions with their personal knowledge management systems. In my opinion, this is a powerful way to educate whatever AI service you select because this workflow helps to ensure results are based on trustworthy evidence from high quality sources.

In my work with university students, I know there is rampant usage of AI tools. So here are the processes I use to ensure there's a human at the other end of the computer screen:

Source Verification

I insist on seeing verified sources. High-quality sources often include academic journals, reputable news outlets, and government publications.

Critical Thinking

I teach fundamentals of prompt engineering to my advanced students. By refining prompts, students learn to critically think about the information provided by the AI. This includes questioning the source of the information, the methodology used to obtain it, and the credibility of the 'expertise' if the information is based on expert opinion.

Iterative Questioning

If you want to explore nuances embedded in the results served by an AI, you need to ask follow-up questions to dig deeper into the topic. This can help uncover more detailed and accurate information.


Not only do I take written notes on the information provided by the AI, I normally write down key points in my Travelers Notebook and then use the OCR capability inside my Readwise app to inject these core discoveries back into my PKM. This reinforces my corpus of information and also provides a record of the information for future reference.

I'm glad that I never abandoned a requirement for students to keep a personal Media Writing Journal. There are some high quality nuggets in the journals I'm currently reviewing and I plan to capture the best content with Readwise so students next year can benefit from workflow that revolves around personal note-taking.

Bonus Link

Digital Transformation Photos

[Bernie Goldbach teaches digital transformation on the Clonmel Digital Campus. The photo at the top was snapped at the Grow Remote Summit in 2023.]


6 Ways Disney Taught Me to Grieve

Evin O’Keeffe - Tue, 01/09/2024 - 15:29

Disney movies often explore themes of grief and loss. I mean, can you name a Disney movie in which the main character has both parents still alive and not cursed? It’s ok, I’ll wait. But with those characters and situations,...

The post 6 Ways Disney Taught Me to Grieve first appeared on EvinOK.

The post 6 Ways Disney Taught Me to Grieve appeared first on EvinOK.

I Didn't See The Other Aircraft

Bernie Goldbach - Wed, 01/03/2024 - 07:03

by Bernie Goldbach in Clonmel

DURING MY 3000 FLYING HOURS I vividly remember two occasions when we were cleared to land on a runway that was occupied by another aircraft or by a vehicle. In both cases, I didn't see the conflict but a crew member sitting in the jump seat pointed out the problem.

Knowing this, I believe the JAL crew landing their Airbus on Flight 516 in Haneda yesterday didn't see anything on the runway as they prepared to land with clearance.

The Japan Airlines aircraft caught fire after it landed on top of a Dash 8 turboprop. All 367 passengers and 12 crew members on the JAL flight evacuated their Airbus A350 but five crew members in the Coast Guard turboprop plane that was on the landing runway passed away.

I saw some footage recorded inside the Airbus as it was careening down the runway. Flight attendants were yelling in Japanese, urging passengers to evacuate. An eerie orange glow burned outside the windows of the aircraft as the evacuation slides were activated.

The cabin crew proved their professionalism as they evacuated all 367 passengers and 12 crew members safely within 90 seconds. That was remarkable as was the fact that the collision did not sever hydraulic lines or critical electrical cables while the aircrew was trying to control the Airbus while landing.

The root cause of this accident has not been decreed but I've listened to the Air Traffic Control audio recordings and the JAL crew received two clearances to land during their five mile final approach. Two aircraft are not supposed to be on the same patch of concrete while an aircraft is landing.

As an instructor pilot in the T-38, I flew in the back seat with significantly reduced visibility. Landing on an unfamiliar civilian airport always concerned me because the T-38 has to maintain a nose-high attitude through approach and landing.

While piloting a C-141 on six different continents, I vividly remember two occasions when either vehicles were on the runway or when another aircraft had not cleared its landing roll-out. I failed to spot either incursion but crew members sitting in the jump seat alerted us to the conflicts.

Some airports have technology in place that causes the landing zone lights to turn red when sensors detect vehicles or aircraft on the runway. Perhaps the Haneda accident will spur Japanese aviation authorities to install that warning system in the largest airports in Japan.

[Bernie Goldbach is a certified flight instructor with experience in 19 different aircraft. The picture of the C-141 at the top of this post was taken by Robert Stemple.]


You Need These Shortbread Cookies in Your Life

Evin O’Keeffe - Tue, 01/02/2024 - 15:21

Shortbread cookies are a classic and beloved treat, perfect for any time of year. They are simple to make, only requiring a few basic ingredients. The buttery, crumbly texture, and rich flavor of shortbread cookies make them a satisfying snack....

The post You Need These Shortbread Cookies in Your Life first appeared on EvinOK.

The post You Need These Shortbread Cookies in Your Life appeared first on EvinOK.

One Year Later No More Tweeting

Bernie Goldbach - Sun, 12/24/2023 - 20:35

WHILE READING CHRISTMAS newspapers and scrolling through Threads, I can verify that Elon Musk's X is failing to sustain a platform where free speech can thrive. The platform is dying.

From The Sunday Business Post:

One of the main differences is that it no longer appears to have a functioning business model, with scores of advertisers deserting it due to the policies enacted by one of the world's most successful businessmen.   As our investigation reveals today, X's new rules allow users to post violent speech and lies related to the Israel-Hamas war, without any enforcement being taken against their accounts.   We also show how users were able to spew hate during the Dublin riots, and how X advised its content moderators not to suspend them.   The revelations help explain what many X users have been complaining about since Musk acquired the company that the platform is, now more than ever, a place where hateful and abusive people can go without fear of sanction.   They also bring to life the behind-the-scenes decisions that have prompted many advertisers to flee X - something Musk himself has admitted could kill the company outright.   Musk, a freespeech absolutist, is ultimately the owner of a company funded by advertisers.   From a commercial perspective, then, Musk's policies and his personal behaviour on the platform have clearly damaged X's ability to perform its main commercial function.   But the questions raised by the Business Post's investigation are more substantial than the efficacy of the company's business model.   X is a platform with an enormous global impact and the way it polices content can have ramifications for the fabric of society.   The European Commission, with its Digital Services Act, wants to make this clear to organisations like X - which is why it has launched formal proceedings against the company.   Social media platforms - as well as governments and regulators - have been grappling with how and where to define the limits on free speech, and how to translate this into healthy digital spaces, for more than 20 years.   If you allow people to post lies that can go halfway around the world in minutes, then you are going to create a space where people who want to propagate hate and falsehoods feel emboldened.   Ahead of a year of crucial elections around the world, it's urgent that we have a conversation about why so much false and foul material is appearing on social media - and why X, one of the world's most important online platforms, is allowing it to spread.   Source: "We need to talk about X and the damage it is doing", The Sunday Business Post in Ireland, December 24, 2023. Image from Ann Handler.   [Bernie Goldbach teaches digital transformation for the Technological University of the Shannon.]

12 From 23

Bernie Goldbach - Sat, 12/23/2023 - 12:07

by Bernie Goldbach in Clonmel

I'M FLIPPING BACK through 2023 and pointing to 12 items that deserve special mention. I discovered each of them have landed inside several online camera rolls where I can see what was happening around the same time these significant events occurred. The most memorable of the dozen items involve people.

Dylan Took the Mic

Dylan (12) has been walking around the house with a mic in his hands since he turned five. It's been a natural progression for him to add video recordings to his skill set. Several of his video interviews gained more than 1000 views, including his review of the Clonmel Sports Hub.

Digital Transformation

I started teaching classes in digital transformation and ended in a new (yet comfortable) thought space. I have totally integrated generative artificial intelligence into my workflow. My core technology is Mem.ai, a service I'm using to cross-check the validity of this blog post. I pay to use Magisto, a video production software as a service owned by Vimeo.

Consulting with fellow lecturers, I surveyed several AI-enhanced image editors that I used with text prompts to create photos from real people such as the one in this paragraph. If you follow my blog, you might be interested in how a wide variety of students interpret "digital transformation" by the images and short descriptions that they share in the Flickr Digital Transformation Group.

Journaling with TN

I enjoy the routine of journaling and this year I converted from Leuchtturm 1917 hard covers to soft cover B6 format Traveler's Notebooks. The TN format is smaller which means the journals fit easier in my pannier bags or in the Tumi messenger bag that I carry everywhere.

I lost one month worth of my notebook when I left it behind on an Irish train and since that time, I've promised myself to keep line items of each page in my Obsidian digital notebook. I add content in Markdown format to my Obsidian database by using my five year old Samsung Note 9 or a three year old Microsoft Surface Book.

Hosting Friends from America

It's always a big day when friends from America visit. In May 2023, Huck Donovan and Thomasine Sahd reset their COVID travel plans and dropped into County Tipperary enroute to the O'Donovan ancestral home in County Cork.

I hope to host a crew of my high school graduating class before the end of the decade. I know we would have a blast remembering times past. And a large cross-section of graduates from Lancaster Catholic High School can trace their roots to Ireland.

Leargas and Erasmus

I attended several Application Clinics hosted by Leargas in 2023 but I haven't made an application--yet. I hope to co-ordinate with two other European collaborators and produce a series of intergenerational conversations with young people interviewing elders in their communities.

Fibre Broadband

It took six attempts to connect our home to fibre broadband but we got gigabit speed in time for the new academic year. And then we didn't connect Vodafone TV service until December, in time for New Year's Eve parties.

Proud of Mia

We watched Mia turn 16, earn five distinctions in her Junior Cert, and start a part-time job. If she can continue focusing on academic achievements, she will have a wide assortment of options for higher education.

Grow Remote in Clonmel

I've become a chapter lead for Grow Remote Ireland. The Clonmel group doesn't have an activity level that the community deserves. But the national organising committee is strong, focused, and willing to help South Tipperary show people the importance of working remotely and in hybrid versions in the 2020s.


The Regional Universities Europe is a relatively new grouping and TUS.ie is a lead partner. I attended a Short Advanced Programme (SAP) about Critical Thinking in Portugal and got motivated to see if I can spin up a similar offering in Ireland.

My current collaboration is with Filipe Santos in Polytechnic Leiria. We hope to launch a "Building a Second Brain" SAP to run in September 2024.

Best Ever Graduates

I worked with the Digital Animation Class of 2023 from start to finish and then attended their graduation ceremony in Limerick. They shared their energy and creativity with me from COVID through film studies and during break-out sessions. I sincerely doubt that we will see another creative collective with their group dynamic until their children arrive on campus.

Friends In Person

Only after connecting over coffee with a group of friends I used to see on a daily basis did I realise how important the person-to-person connection is. During the run-up to Christmas, I squeezed in change meetings with Darragh Doyle (pictured), Larry Maguire, Dermot Casey, and Kevin O'Rourke.

It's the personal connections that often yield the strongest professional collaborations. I plan to prove this point during the next 12 months by following through with a series of plans involving each of these four men. And as I write these words, I realise (1) there are strong women who should be in this mix of collaborative energy and (2) none of those I cited here are local. I am not ignoring local talent and need to pay a visit to Skypaper to ensure we're still sharing the same motivations.

Meta View

The latest technology to grace my life comes from Meta in the form of Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses. I snapped a shot of mine on the table.

I hope Dylan and I can make content with the two sets of glasses while he interviews people for his YouTube channel.

If you've read this far, please consider sharing a memory you cherish from 2023 by commenting to me @topgold on Threads.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches digital transformation on the Clonmel Digital Campus for the Technological University of the Shannon. Follow Dylan's creativity by searching Google for #littlebitoftipp]