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Bernie's Limor Dashboard [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Wed, 11/07/2018 - 09:07

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Big step forward--Limor has web browser upload capability in November 2018.

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Bernie Goldbach - Tue, 11/06/2018 - 11:32

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Bernie Goldbach - Tue, 11/06/2018 - 11:32

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Bernie Goldbach - Tue, 11/06/2018 - 11:32

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Dear Santa,…

Evin O’Keeffe - Mon, 11/05/2018 - 15:55

We like to write our Christmas letters to Santa early here so he can plan accordingly. After all, it takes time to do what he does. This weekend, LB and I sat down to decide what we each want for...

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Helpful iOS Control Panel [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Mon, 11/05/2018 - 13:07

Bernie Goldbach posted a video:

Part of my life in 2018.

The Gen Z Bullshit List [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Sun, 11/04/2018 - 19:27

Bernie Goldbach posted a video:

As explained by Gregg Witt. Get the rest of the story from Derek Baird.

Concerto in C Minor – the piano site

Treasa Lynch - Sun, 11/04/2018 - 19:03

I set up a new blog during the week – it isn’t like I have the time to maintain a load of content across several sites – but I also see the risk of flooding this site with a lot of things I wanted to write about which are more for my own self indulgence more than anything. Pianos in other words.

The site is here. There, I will ramble on about pianos, practising the piano, books I have read about practising the piano, music, sheet music, youtube videos of interest, concerts and things that annoy me on youtube and Facebook piano groups. You may find it interesting if you are interested in pianos. Otherwise, possibly not.

I’ve also thought about spinning off the art stuff but as there are background things around photo posting site changes and hosting of imagines, I will leave that for the time being.

Updates to Flickr

Treasa Lynch - Sun, 11/04/2018 - 18:59

Flickr announced some changes lately. I have been a Pro subscriber for years and I have more than 13000 photographs on Flickr. Most of them are kitesurfing photographs.

The subscription cost for Flickr is going up (looks like it is about doubling) but against that there are some interesting looking deals. I’m not totally sorry to see the changes to the free product – I didn’t agree with some of Yahoo’s product decisions. One of the biggest hassles that Yahoo forced on the flickr community was Yahoo login. I hated it. Flickr tell us that will go away early next year. If I had to pick any concern, it is that I worry that Flickr will not support the community of artists and urban sketchers that use flickr as a shop front.

For a good chunk of the last 10 years, I used pix.ie until it effectively vanished, and then for the drawing stuff I tended to use Instagram mostly despite severe misgivings about the difference between their desktop product and their mobile product; issues around password retrieval and today, I couldn’t find embed code so I went to Flickr and uploaded the piece of artwork there [too].

One of the main reasons for this is Instagram’s algorithmic timeline and inline advertising. The downside of this is that I regularly miss posts by people I like and yet see the same ads multiple times. There are a bunch of artists I really like on Instagram but some of them are on behance and deviantart, and a good few are on flickr as well. I’m wondering how tied I am to the instagram community when there are communities which are more art and photography focused and less social network/data collection focused.

So as part of that, I’ve started the horrific job that is reorganising the flickr account – it is chaotic – and will start look at rebuilding my life on deviant and will see if I can get at my behance account. After that, I don’t know what will happen with instagram. I don’t know

Painting Paris

Treasa Lynch - Sun, 11/04/2018 - 18:48

I went painting today. I need to get hold of the idea of putting these things up on flickr rather than instagram but I will get there. I pay for Flickr, after all.

This was from today. It was inspired by a bunch of things in different colours which I saw on pinterest and so I decided to have a go, and there we are. I like it. This was in an A6 sketchbook which I use on and off as a sort of art journal but which has been neglected lately. But I like the idea and the result is, I will probably try and find time (difficult lately) to scale it up and do it in a wall framable size

There seems to be something about Sunday that causes some randomer on FaceBook to decide that today is the day they will troll a watercolour group on FaceBook. Today, we got lectures on how if you used masking fluid, you weren’t a master (well…) and it was cheating (well…) and it wasn’t really art (well…). It caused a lot of discussion, which could be summed up as “You’re a troll” and “You are so wrong, you are wronger than a wrong thing”.

People get irate quite easily on FaceBook. But I cannot blame them when someone wanders in, to put it mildly, to cause trouble in a special interest community. No one really cares for the most part whether you use masking fluid or not (well no one sensible anyway), and yet one person going on about how it isn’t art, and how you haven’t mastered watercolour (while not showing their work) can cause major hassle. I wonder how communities can guard against this, and whether it is really desirable. The question of masking fluid in watercolour is fairly meh, but really, a group of people who think that women should, for example, not be allowed have jobs, might benefit from being challenged a bit.

But that causes ructions too.

Anyway. to the above, the under drawing was down with a PIlot 0.3mm mechanical pencil, the line work was done using a unipin 0.03mm fineliner and the paint was mostly Quinacradone gold from my 12 pan (allegedly – it had twelve when I bought it but I think it now has 15 pans squashed in) Sennelier kit. The exceptions were a little quin red, French Ultramarine Deep for the windows, Paynes Grey and sepia or neutral for the rooves and probably alizeron crimison for the blinds. I used Molotow masking fluid to cover the windows while I painted the buildings. I like their pens and I don’t think I have enough spare so I’ll probably bulk buy them the next time I am in an art supplies shop that sells them.

The 0.03mm fineliner is new. Up until very recently, Unipin’s finest fineliner was 0.05. Copic had 0.03 which were finer, and I liked them for fur but my god they were fragile. You can buy replacement tips. which is handy enough.

The Unipins feel a bit more robust and today’s one at least was really well behaved for the paint. The colour feels a bit darker as well. I haven’t really had time to do a side by side test – I have very little free time and have not had much time to paint at all; the daily kraftbook diary sketch has had to go into catch up mode a lot lately (and I’m about to start a new one there again. I have two months’ supply or so). But at some point I will sit down and do a comparison of the 0.03s –

  • Unipin 0.03
  • Copic 0.03 (I think I have one)
  • Copic 0.03 SP (expensive Copic of which I have half a dozen)

and I might do a side by side comparison of those with whatever 0.05s which I have (definitely Unipin and Molotow) and the XS Faber Castell

Part of my backlog [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Sun, 11/04/2018 - 17:02

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo:

Useful when planning the unwritten book.

Kindle Voyage in Maker Space [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Sun, 11/04/2018 - 14:30

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo:

On the kitchen table.

The Gen Z Frequency [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Sun, 11/04/2018 - 14:09

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The Gen Z Frequency is defined by the ecosystem of youth cultural groups and the wavelengths they use to identify and communicate with their world. Ideas by Gregg Witt and Derek Baird. Illustration by Mike Carnevale.

Earned Media Valuation (EMV) [Flickr]

Bernie Goldbach - Sun, 11/04/2018 - 14:07

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Gregg Witt and Derek Baird explain the EMV model in their book The Gen Z Frequency. Reach is unique visits. Promotion Type is mentions. Interaction Type is the number of direct interactions. Cost per engagement is market-driven rates for a like, comment, share, retweet, or video view. Illustration by Mike Carnevale.